VLCNP is the Best for your First NFT!

Hello, everyone. I am Shimpei.
Today, I would like to share VLCNP, which is getting quite popular in the Japanese NFT market.

What is VLCNP?

VLCNP is the first Long Animal generative NFT.

This is the collaboration of CNP and VLA.

I think, CNP is the most popular NFT collection in Japan, which is derived from Crypto Ninja. The presale price was 0.001 ETH, but its price has skyrocketed to 0.6 ETH (approximately 600 times high!!)

The attractive reason is not the price but also the vision of CNP. They set the price at very reasonable because the vision of CNP is to spread the joy and wonderfulness of NFT, to those who never purchased NFT. So, I am also one of the people who are impressed by the vision.


Also, VLA is the animal NFT collection with very long fair, so called Very Long Animal.
They are unique and lovely, and their floor price is 9 ETH.


Both projects are popular and well produced so I personally believe VLCNP will be another popular NFT collection. We should not miss this opportunity.

And, the following people have been working on this NFT project. You will understand more if you follow their tweets.

How will VLCNP be released

The following is the details of the price and date.

  • Mint price : 0.001 ETH

  • Supply:  11111

  • Pre-sale:   July 31 21:00

  • Pub sale:   August 1 21:00

Mint Price 0.001 ETH ??  Is that too cheap??

Yes. It is like a FREE price. So you don't need to worry about the loss. 
It is best for NFT beginner! 

Pre-sale is planned the day before the public sale.
People with WL can buy at pre-sale. Based on the trend of other similar CNP projects, most items were sold at the presale. I strongly recommend you buy at pre-sale if possible.

How to get VLCNP

I can show you 2 ways to buy VLCNP.

1. Gain WL ( White List )
2. Buy at Opensea

Get WL for VLCNP

WL is White List, which means that you can buy at the presale.

You are highly likely to get VLCNP with WL because you do not need to wait for a public sale. In the public sale, there will be a click-war due to too many competitors.

There are several ways to get WL.

  • Own CNP
  • Write a blog about VLCNP, CNP.. etc
  • Apply for the Giveaway campaign.

You could still buy a CNP to get WL. But, you need to hurry because the application deadline will be July 8th.

I think, it will be easy for those without CNP.
Write a blog! That's it!
Please refer to the Twitter account for more details for writing a blog.

I am glad to share this NFT and get WL as bonus! 
If you are interested in it,  let's share this together! 

The Giveaway campaign depends on your lack. You could try that if you are a lucky person.


I have shared what is VLCNP, how to get VLCNP.
Hopefully, you think this article is helpful and useful to buy your first NFT!
See you next time!


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